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Some things to know about our senior screening program:

  • A statistically validated approach
  • Measures the likelihood that a Driver will be involved in a motor vehicle crash
  • Based on research sponsored by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and the National Institute on Aging and Best Practices of Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED)
  • Provides an individual risk factor Assessment and impairment scale
  • Specific recommendations will be made, perhaps restrictions for driving
  • By physician referral – No fear – You will privately discuss the results with DriveAble Solutions staff and your physician
  • Our senior screening program consists of a comprehensive Clinical assessment (including, but not limited to review of personal medical history, physical abilities, vision, visual perception, reaction time and a cognitive assessment).
  • Functional/on-road assessment (including, but not limited to adherence to traffic rules and regulations, consistent use of strategies to compensate for visual, cognitive, physical and behavioral impairments).
  • Treatment and intervention (including, but not limited to adaptive driving instruction or driver retraining, with or without vehicle modifications).

Lynn Hedrick is director of this program.  She is also an active member of the Association for Driver Specialists.  In Arizona, she lectures frequently to medical groups and was a speaker at the National Conference on Aging & Mobility in Phoenix, Arizona.  She served on the Maricopa Associate of Governments Elder Mobility Stakeholder Group which addressed the current and future need of seniors and Driving.  She was a contributor to Getting Around, a local Area Agency on Aging transportation and mobility guide. She was also a guest speaker at the Arizona Governor’s Committee on Aging.  She has participated in many news clips about aging and driving. 

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Some Senior Disabilities we serve:

Aging Complications


Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease


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