Workers Compensation


Many clients come to DriveAble Solutions via workman’s compensation.   We have been serving the Arizona Workers Compensation Claims Association (AWCCA) and Rehabilitation Integrated Network Group (RING) members’ clients for 15 years!


#1   Call us!  If your client has had a change in physical condition and has an Arizona Driver’s License then they require testing.  We can answer questions and provide further explanation of the regulation and how to proceed.  Our clients have usually been injured on the job and require our services for an evaluation to be able to return to work and independence.  Many clients require further training and prescription of adaptive equipment. See Adaptive Drivers for examples of types of client/equipment scenarios. We also help the clients shop for a vehicle that matches their current physical needs.  Please do NOT buy your client a vehicle prior to our evaluation.  Also, please let us know if your client is getting a new powerchair or wheelchair.  We want to ensure the right match between client and vehicle.

2.  We will schedule a timely evaluation.  It is ideal for the client to come to us because we have several computerized tests that are not mobile.

3.  Nurse Case Managers, physicians and adjusters will receive a report within 2-3 business days typically.  To ensure a correct prescription, we may take longer to personally talk to manufacturers and vendors about getting the right equipment and this takes time.

4.  We will generate a prescription, if needed, for the vehicle equipment.  The Nurse Case Manager and/or adjuster will contact our list of vendors to get the estimated costs of the job and then select the vendor and arrange for payment.  We can fax a prescription to that vendor.

5.  We will train, only if specified in our report. Our evaluation report will reflect how many hours will be needed and the estimated costs.  Training occurs in our vehicles prior to the client’s vehicle being purchased/adapted.

6.  We see the client at the final session at the Vendor’s shop for a thorough inspection and final drive ensuring smooth transition from our evaluation vehicles to their vehicle if they require adaptive equipment.  See Adaptive Drivers for diagnosis driven scenarios.  Click on Disabilities also to get more information.